Throwing Implements
You can't go wrong with these sheafs. Clevenger has proven to be the best by far. These tough skin burlap bags will last long and keep there shape through the whole season. Precision weight and stitched you will be energized every time you toss this bag. Go to this link to order yours Now.
We are proud to announce that Jason Clevenger is donating a 16# sheaf to the Buffalo Heavies to be raffled of during the BNHV Festival Games in Amherst NY to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project.  

Take Advantage over your game with these traditional Amish Hay Forks. Feel the Advantage with the light weight aircraft aluminum handle. You will not believe the difference when you get off the wood and feel just how light weight and durable these custom built forks are. Take the HIGHLAND ADVANTAGE to your next Highland games and win or at least look good losing.  
Landrich Power Systems
Equipment you make: Highland Games Implements (weights and hammers)
Strongman Logs, Axles, Swiss Bars, Farmers Walk, Yokes, Dumbbells (normal plate loaded, FREAK plate loaded, FREAK media loaded, propane tank), sleds, conans wheel