2024 St. Patrick's Day Parade
outh Buffalo, NY​
The parade we are marching in this year is the Old Neighborhood parade, in South Buffalo, it is on Saturday March 16th., 12-2pm 
You DO NOT have to be a Buffalo Heavies to march with us, more people just makes us look cooler.​​​

​Kilts are the preferred dress, second is anything green (it is St. Pat's day after all) ​​Any Buffalo Heavies attire is greatly appreciated.
Things I have learned so far:
- the parade starts at 12 pm (we are usually in group 4 and will start actually moving later on) , - Please be on site no later than 12 noon.​ 
- this is Buffalo. It can be well diggers ass cold in March and it might rain. Dress for this and you wont have many problems.
- bad weather does not deter ​​alot of people from showing up for this parade or drinking heavily (adjust as needed to the crowds and event)
​​​- they are serious about not throwing things from your parade float
- so long as you don't act like idiots they turn a blind eye towards drinking ​at the parade ​(downtown did, I'm assuming they will too)
- kids can get bored waiting around for the parade to start and during the slow ride, you might want to think about a babysitter that day

- We are staged on the actual South Park bridge. (presumably we will be again). I will know more after the parade meeting March 5th.

- I will have some libations and donuts for the beginning and end of parade (food is on your own)
- There are port-o-pottys along the parade route
. I will have the truck and one vehicle at the end of the parade. We can take you back to the beginning, but then I'm planning on heading to Flying Bison
  ​Brewery​ after the parade (give the parade bars a chance to calm down, thought this is subject to change) You are more than welcome to go there or you
  ​can make your own plans (South Buffalo is gonna be jumpin')​​​​

This parade costs us to participate in. As does the donuts, booze and coffee I provide for the parade route. All this comes out of pocket and not the Buffalo Heavies account. The Buffalo Heavies money is earmarked for insurance and equipment up keep. I think this is a worthwhile, fun event and​ will continue to support it. If you would like to make a donation to the cause, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Below is the Parades Dos, Don'ts and other info including a map of the parade route.​​

If you want to participate
Contact Lou Iannone  at                                                  (title it St Pats Parade) or find me on facebook