Opening the Ceremonies with the Heavies & the Flaming Caber
The Flaming Caber:
                Unique to the Buffalo Heavies the flaming caber is tossed to mark the opening of the Ancient Highland Games in true Scottish tradition. Pictured below is 2012 Jamestown Regional Games Champion Nick Kahanic tossing the flaming Caber by Sword Bearers Sean Green, Bob Vail, and Tim Mullally.

Who are the Buffalo Heavies Kilted Throwers Club

The Buffalo Heavies is comprised of traditional Celtic athletes from New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and Canada. We are an athletic organization providing the ​​highest quality traditional highland games experience for festivals and specialty charity events in the Region.

​​The Buffalo Heavies was founded for the sole purpose of representing Highland athletes in negotiations with host festivals to insure all athletes are compensated for the entertainment value they bring to festivals and to provide a platform for charitable works.